Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup Assen Round

That’s all folks! I would like to thank everybody for a great season. I had my first full year of major events. At everyone of these major events, I found myself on the podium. I could not of done this without everyones help. We appreciate it!
Now, back to Assen. I would like to thank everybody that help me
get to assen and helped me get on the podium in race two. So thank you Glen at Team ProMotion, Scott Stump, & Mike Scott at Scott Powersports along with all my other great sponsors & family & of course Paulie! My weekend started off great I was in the top six in the first practice. First qualifier was a tricky one. I knew I had to go hard from the beginning since it was set to rain about 15 minutes in. We wound up only getting through three laps before the rain came in. I went out with Quentin Koers one of my good friends from Holland. We put in some pretty good laps for the only three laps. I wound up in second after the qualifying. I was also top three fastest in the rain!
Race one we had a battle till the finish. I battled with a group of kids for third place for the entire race. We had a good battle but they outsmarted me. Race two I got a really good start and got in a good rhythm. I put my head down and chased down the front pack. I caught them pretty easily and made my way through the pack but once at the front there was no way to breakaway. We had a long battle till the end but I rode smart and came out on top of the battle. The last few corners were crazy! Going in to the wide open left before the last chicane I put myself on the outside of someone to set them up for the chicane, but I just pinned it and passed them on the outside of the wide open left! So when we got to the chicane I was in front already. Then it was just a game of outbreaking. We were at least 4 wide going in but I was the latest on the breaks! It was such an awesome weekend! Thank you to Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup for the great racing this season!
After the races Paulie & I went to sightsee some of the places that Quentin told me to go visit while we were there. My favorite was just biking into the town & seeing the sights. Assen is an awesome place to visit & I can’t wait to go back! Thanks Quentin for being such a great friend!

KTM RC 390 Cup NJMP Round

I had an amazing race weekend at NJMP MotoAmerica with the KTM RC390 Cup! I would like to thank John Ulrich at RoadRacing for putting this ride together for me. Thank you to Hector & Tito for the use of their RV, Frank for the most amazing food & pictures, Mike & Betsy Simms for their help, Kirk, Chloe, & Max for their help & support, & Justin from The Parts Club for his support. I also would like to thank Paul & Andy for all their hard work & help all the time.
Now, for the race report: In the first race, I didn’t finish as well as I would have liked to, but finished with a 5th place after a long hard battle with a lot of fast racers. The second race, I ended up in 3rd place due to a red flag they went back two laps. I was shocked that I got 3rd.
I hope Jody Barry & Ben Smith have speedy recoveries!
Thanks to all my sponsors & supporters for everything! I’m glad my family was able to come watch me race. Thanks Alexis & Trish for being my umbrella girls!

Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup Brands Hatch

Sorry for the delay everyone, I was a bit jetlagged but I’m feeling much better now so lets get to it. This past weekend was awesome, I’m really happy with my progress. Every time I go to Europe I am steadily improving. I finished the weekend with a seventh place in race one and a second place in race two. We went out in the first session and I just went out to learn the track and work on my lines. After the first session I was sitting sixth. We went out in first qualifier and I felt great the bike was really good. I was happy where I was sitting because I was in the front two rows. Paulie told me if I made the front two rows we would go to London and check out some sites. So at the end of the day we drove to London. It was an awesome experience. We got to see Big Ben, Parliament, and the London Eye Ferris Wheel. The next day in the final qualifier everything was feeling good and I was steadily improving. My times kept dropping but so did everybody else’s and I ended up qualifying sixth. In race one I got a great jump off the line and raced em into turn one. I believe I was fifth coming out of turn one and I fought all the way around the first lap. I stayed with the front pack for a few laps then they got a gap on us. But two other riders and I caught the pack with a few laps to go, so I was not that upset about the race. Not where I wanted to finish but a seventh isn’t too bad. We discussed a plan for Sunday’s race to see if I could position myself better toward the closing laps. In race two, I got the same awesome start and made it with the pack but again they gapped me a little on the first couple of laps. But this time, all by myself, I caught them putting in the second fastest lap of the race and getting in the draft. I was battling with Victor and Peetu trying to get up as far as possible, then with three laps to go, I was in fifth and all of the sudden while we are going through turn seven I see three kids hit each other and crash directly in front of me. This caused a red flag and they went back to the previous lap so I finished second, 0.29 away from Victor and just ahead of Peetu. This time I was happy with my result but I am always looking to improve. I cant wait till the next race! I also want to wish a speedy recovery to my friends who crashed & got hurt! I can’t thank my sponsors and everyone that supports me enough! You are the ones that make this possible and I remember that every time I get on my motorcycle.
Thank you: Team ProMotion, NJ MiniGP, Metric Devil Moto, The Trackside Parts Club, Impact Safety Armor, Arai, Gimoto, Electronic Concepts, LLC, Inter-Tech Supplies, Chickenhawk Tire Warmers, RoadRace Factory/American Supercamp, DC Paintworx, Adrenalinecityracing Hang Dry, Bridgestone, Maverick Moto Media, Jersey Shore Powersports, Innovative Motorcycle Research, Pure Action Sports, AXO, RAD Mfg., The Service Pavilion, Spy, DAO, Incase, & especially my mom for funding the trip & Paulie for going with me & all his coaching! Also thank you to the Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup for all the races they put together, British SuperBike Series, Brands Hatch, & all the corner workers!

KTM 390 Cup Race Miller, Utah

Well this is late. But I needed a little time
just to reflect on what happened. It was amazing! We flew out Thursday morning and got there Thursday afternoon, just in time to get to the track and help setup! Once at the track and I got my credentials we met up with John and went to grab my Ktm RC390. We brought it back over to where we were set up so we could begin working on it. As we knew the suspension would be very soft. We even checked on a few other bikes and asked some other teams what they had done to theirs. We didn’t get out of there till late because there was a lot of work to be done.
Next morning we got to the track early so we could finish up
the last few things and get ready for practice. We unloaded the bike and got everything set up. Warmers on and made sure it ran. We had to buy gas because they run spec gas. We finished setting up so I had time to go talk and hangout with some of my friends and make some new friends! The first people I met up with was Anthony Mazz and Jackson Blackmon! Two of my best buds! We talked about the bike and the track. I got some pointers from Anthony and then it was time to get ready. I set out for my first session on the track and the bike! Needless to say I had a blast! I rode well and stayed around 6th through the whole session. Up next was q1 I made sure I went out behind a group of fast kids since I knew I needed the draft. At the end I was 6th. Just where I wanted to be. 2nd row!
Then time for some relaxation with Jackson in the pool!
Saturday morning Q2 I went out with the group as I did the day before and was going fast from the start! I was top 3 for a while. But about 15 minutes in I crashed. We couldn’t finish the qualifier so I sat there watching helplessly as my name dropped down the order one by one till it stopped at 7th. This is where I would be gridded for the race in the afternoon. It was race time. We were the last bike on track and the last bike to the grid. I sat there on the third row with Patricia standing next to me holding my umbrella! She was still in her leathers because
she was the race right before me. And she accomplished her goal of a top 20! On to the warmup lap. I got a good practice start and I knew I needed to do the same on the start. We came around and I was anxious. The lights came on then went out. I got a great start and was top 5 in turn 1! I had gotten with the
group and that’s what I had to do. The first few laps were rough everyone swapping positions but after about 4 laps the front 10 had gotten a gap. I ran in about 6th for the whole time till the last lap I almost high sided in turn 5 causing me to lose two spots and finish 8th.
Sunday morning warmup I was going good! Up front about half a second off from the leader. But it was now race time. I again was last to the grid, had Trish holding my umbrella after
another top 20 finish for her. And I again got a good start. I was this time first to turn 1 but quickly overtaken by Hayden Shultz this time I was more aggressive and stayed towards the front of the pack and I even lead the whole 3rd lap till I got drafted then I went to 9th but then stayed mostly within the
top 5. Till the last few laps I charged the field and got to second on the last lap! But Anthony stuffed me into turn 8 and killed our drives coming out so that gave Braedon a gap so Anthony and I had to scrap it out for 2nd! Turn 13 Anthony
ran off and then almost crashed into 14 so I could close up on him. Turn 15 Hayden tried to go around the outside of me but I was having no part of it! And I got in Anthony’s draft and passed him at the line! I beat him by .04 or something like that.
I would like to thank all of my sponsors for making this possible especially John Ulrich for setting this up! Also a special thank you to the Dumas family for helping me with tires! Thank you: TPM, MDM, Electronic Concepts, Inter-Tech Supplies, Inc.,The Trackside Parts Club, NJ MiniGP, Innovative Motorcycle Research, Jersey Shore Powersports, Arai, Impact Safety Armor, Gimoto USA Andiamo Racing, LLC, Pure Action Sports, Chickenhawk Tire Warmers, RoadRace Factory/American Supercamp, DC Paintworx, Adrenalinecityracing Hangdry, Bridgestone, Maverick Motomedia, The Service Pavilion, Spy, DAO, AXO, RAD Mfg., Paul, Andy, KTM RC390 Cup, & MotoAmerica!

Donington Park Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup Race

Well this past weekend was simply amazing! We had many ups and downs but overall it was great. We got on the train to head to the track and we had a few problems because the trains got delayed and we had to take a bus. We finally got to a rental car and drove to the hotel. After we checked into the hotel we drove to the track and did a track walk and helped the Moriwaki Cup set up. Saturday was the first practice but before I could go out the bike over heated. I missed half the first practice because of this but we finally got out towards the end.
Sunday morning we went out for the qualifier and I did decent. I was in the top five for the first half of the qualifier but towards the end I got bumped down to eighth. Later on that day I lined up on the grid in eighth position and I knew I had my work cut out for me. I had a good start into turn one and I got into fifth. From there as we completed the first lap I got bumped to 6th. From that point on there were six of us all together pushing hard to try and get the lead. There were lots of changes in the very front too. I made a move on the last lap and got myself into fifth so I could set myself up to pass in the last corner. I passed two people on the second to last corner but it didn’t work because I ran wide. So I had to get the drive into the last corner. In the last corner I out broke them into turn 11 and made it stick to get into third and I held it all the way to the line. That was an exciting end of race one and I got my first podium overseas!I also had the second fastest lap time of the race.
We went back to the hotel that night and immediately started to think of how we could improve for Monday morning’s race.
We woke up Monday morning for the race and I knew I could win it if I got off the line. I had a good start and made it into fifth place on the first corner. Unfortunately, I just didn’t have the opportunity to stay with the lead group. I got drafted on the back straightaway and held up so I could not stay with the
lead group. I ended up running sixth most of race but ended up fourth due to the first two guys crashing before the finish line. Overall it was a solid weekend.
This weekend was one I will never forget! England has some really interesting places to see. The castles we saw were so interesting. It was also fun having Paulie drive around on the opposite side of the road compared to the USA! We tried some different foods and even went to a mall that was huge. I also got to meet Danny Kent and he took the time to give me some good advise for the weekend which helped me to reach my goals. We had a good time checking out the Moto 3 bikes and watching them race. There’s just so many great things about being over there and I really can’t wait to go back!
I would like to thank everybody for the support including: Arai helmets, MDM, Gimoto, Sidi, Track Side Parts Club, Team ProMotion, Impact Safety Armor, NJ MiniGP, Hang Dry, Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup for having me and helping me and Paulie with everything we needed, Graham and Mason Law for taking the time to show us around and help make us feel at home in the paddock. Also thank you to BSB staff and all the British fans for the warm welcome. A big thank you to Paulie for going with me and all the work you do with me, my mom and everyone else who helps support me, texted me, messaged me on facebook and all the great comments posted on my page!